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A Free PR Critique

See on Scoop.it – Clear Communications If you’re a tech writer, you hear from a lot of public relations people pitching their clients’ wares. Usually, if I’m not interested in what they’re pitching, I just delete them. (The pitches, not… jeanne.alford@gmail.com‘s insight: Clear concise and with an excellant example. Thanks Pogue! See on pogueman.tumblr.com

10 words to cut from your writing

See on Scoop.it – Clear Communications Want to improve your content? Chop these words—mercilessly. See on http://www.ragan.com

3 marketing lessons an intern taught his new agency before starting

See on Scoop.it – Clear Communications A video the impromptu applicant sent via Twitter was bold, funny and charming. It pressed all the right buttons and made an amazing first impression. jeanne.alford@gmail.com‘s insight: Good luck John. Remind yourself every morning, when you look into the mirror, "I must bring it!" plus "Respect the journalists" and … Continue reading

3 Reasons Most Presentations Fail

See on Scoop.it – Clear Communications Make your sales presentations more compelling and interesting. jeanne.alford@gmail.com‘s insight: Concise and good advice for any presentation planning and development. Thanks. See on http://www.inc.com

Learning from Richard Branson: Why investing in PR saves millions in advertising

See on Scoop.it – Clear Communications Few leaders in business know the theory and practice of PR better than Sir Richard Branson, who was given a rock star welcome by Adelaide… jeanne.alford@gmail.com‘s insight: Powerful validation from Sir Richard: “The head of PR is perhaps one of the most important people in a company and a … Continue reading

My Best Mistake: "You’re Just Not a Very Good Writer"

See on Scoop.it – Clear Communications I never fancied myself a writer but I did take the art of writing seriously. Without realizing it, I poured a lot of passion, enthusiasm and aspiration into everything I wrote. As I was coming up in jeanne.alford@gmail.com‘s insight: "…my best mistake would become the philosophy I would apply … Continue reading

Store | morgan rees

See on Scoop.it – Clear Communications jeanne.alford@gmail.com‘s insight: Check out "Marketing Action Plans."   Gotta do a plan? Whether marketing or positioning, branding or PR, Morgan provides a template to get you started.  Take a look. Great tools to have on hand! See on morganrees.com

Getting Back To Marketing Basics

See on Scoop.it – Clear Communications Why Brands Are Getting It Wrong in Social Media jeanne.alford@gmail.com‘s insight: Brian makes a number of good points here.   1. start thinking about how social media becomes a means toward triggering meaningful activities or outcomes that align with business priorities or objectives and customer expectations. 2. Social media … Continue reading

How the PR industry of yesteryear compares with today | Articles | Home

See on Scoop.it – Clear Communications An infographic shows a side-by-side comparison of public relations skills and tools from a decade ago and today. jeanne.alford@gmail.com‘s insight: I miss some of the old school techniques…I say adapt and reuse! See on http://www.prdaily.com

Star Trek: Microsoft & Borg

See on Scoop.it – WiseBehindYourEars jeanne.alford@gmail.com‘s insight: Sometimes anonymous people can be very creative and entertaining. I remember this little story going around the Internet back with AOL was king–1990s! I ran across it again and wanted to share a tiny moment of amusement. Apologies to Microsoft and Lawyers. No disrespect intended; we’re not laughing … Continue reading

Great Shopping Great Prices

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