The Power of Magic Time

One of the great things about all the social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+) is the ability to connect with people. Not only those that we can see face to face – those are great times – but also those that live on the other side of the world or who travel in other social circles.

The reason I bring this up is that I am part of a great group called Creative Caffeine on Linked In. I was invited to join but actually don’t know any of the members, so I find it fascinating how we all seem to groove in our discussions.

One of the members posed a question, “what is creative caffeine?” The responses have been enlightening. A group of creative people expounding on what creativity is.  For this post, I’d like to share two of the thoughts that I contributed:

Creative Caffeine is a calming tool used to manage the manic left brain. By calming the crazy thoughts, we allow the right brain to jump into gear and guide us. It’s ok to be something other than logical from time to time. 

 A great creative director wrote a 100-page book on creativity. He said, read all the research. Study all the findings. Know the market. Be intimate with all the plans and details. Then go fishing for three days.

His prescription for great innovation and creativity? Take a break. So I believe Creative Caffeine should let our logical mind rest and allow our fun, imaginative, child-like right brain to take center stage!

This means that creativity is simply be a state of mind.

Think about it. We’ve heard the idiom: Change your thinking, change your life. Now apply this creative director’s words to it: Change your thinking and you CAN create. The discussion continued over several weeks. In response to another interesting story, I had to add:

Once, a life coach asked, “if money wasn’t a concern, what would you do?” To answer that question, we need to let a lot of “boundaries” fall away. Boundaries keep us focused and logically thinking. Boundaries that remind us of all the things we need to do. When we allow those boundaries to fall, we open our mind to what we can “be.”

I love those moments when I can escape the logic of life. When I get into an artistic bent — time disappears. Whether I’m drawing or writing, time takes on a different dimension. I call it “magic time.” It energizes me.

Reminds me of those lazy summer days when our parents kicked us out of the house and we didn’t come back until the street lights came on. Those were the magical days!

Thank you friends at Creative Caffeine for helping me to remember the wisdom of “magic time.” My wish for all my readers is that you have five minutes to lose yourself in magic time.


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