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You Can’t Drive A House? Take A Look…

As I’ve said, wisdom comes in many forms. We got an great look into the all male world of advice in a recent episode of Blue Bloods, the Tom Selleck series…in full disclosure, I watched every Magnum P.I. episode and most of his other works so I may be biased–plus one of my beloved cousins, Gregory Jbara, has a regular part on the show. Back to my point…

Tom Selleck plays the New York police commissioner, Frank Reagan. In a recent episode, “A Night on the Town” (Season 2, Episode 5), Frank and his father Henry, a retired police commissioner, take charge of their two grandsons, Jack and Sean. There’s a priceless scene when they take the kids to a restaurant. I always knew guys had special “guy” advice, and we got a little peek into that secret world. I found it oddly comforting and hope my kid heard this too. With apologies to the excellent writing, I did my best to capture the conversation. Enjoy:

Grandsons:         What else about restaurants besides no mayo on pastrami?

Frank:                   You can order lobster at a steakhouse but never order steak at a lobster shack.

Henry:                  And never order chili in a fast food chain … ever!

Frank:                   You should learn to cook a couple of things for yourself because there’ll be a few years between eating at a restaurant on your parents’ dime and when you’ll be able to afford it on your own.

Grandsons:         When does that happen?

Frank:                   After High School.

Grandsons:         What do we cook?

Henry:                  Sandwiches mostly. But, you should know how to make dinner for a girl.

Grandsons:         Really?

Henry:                  Really. Linguine with garlic and oil, simple salad, good bread.

Grandsons:         How long are we going to be too poor to eat in a restaurant?

Frank:                   Well, you won’t be poor exactly. But, you’ll be paying for everything that used to come free so you’ll feel strapped.

Grandsons:         Sounds scary.

Frank:                   Not really. But, always remember this: If a month comes and you can pay rent or the car payment, but not both…make the car payment. You can live in a car but you can’t drive a house.

Henry:                  No matter how good a deal sounds, NEVER buy anything from someone who is out of breath.

Frank:                   Now who’s for dessert?

After we have the strawberry shortcake, Frank, can you share more advice?

I’m curious, what’s the advice you got from parents and grandparents?


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