The Quiet

The question on Quora was intriguing—“What should I do if I don’t have clarity of thoughts?

How often do we find ourselves overwhelmed or unable to “think clearly?” I’m a meditator. As such, I believe in the power of breathing. But, what came to me from this question, was the power of the quiet. I said it right. The Quiet.

Just as I find the art of debate has disappeared, I believe our ability to notice, enjoy, respect quiet time has also left us. How many times do you rush home after a hard day of work and quickly turn on the TV. My dad did this back in day…to watch the news. Huntley and Brinkley were on nightly in our house. Nowadays, it’s more likely a rerun of a sitcom or some other entertaining reality show. We fill the void with noise. In fact, I have a saying that I’ve used frequently, “The Universe abhors a vacuum.”

Clarity comes from The Quiet. We need to retrain ourselves to be ok with no noise, with sitting still, with concentrating on our thoughts. No buses going by. No phones in our hands. No Facebook. No Twitter. In Instagram. Giving ourselves a break. Just sitting still. Just thinking. Just listening.

So here is the answer I provided on Quora. It makes a good exercise for each of us to do:

  • Find a quiet place
  • Take a moment
  • Breathe
  • Notice your breath
  • Relax.

Do this for several minutes.

Give yourself 10 minutes to write in a journal. Capture all your thoughts. Don’t edit. There is something in these thoughts that keep you from focusing. Listen to your inner guidance, and breathe.

Now reread your thoughts. Make a list of the things you need to do. Often this list repeats in your mind and  “mucks up” the thought cycles. Putting it on paper means you won’t forget, right?

Now that you’ve cleared a path.  Sit quietly and picture yourself one year from today. You are taking your old self to lunch to celebrate the year.

Finish this sentence: I am great at ____________; in the past year, I accomplished: _______________.

Don’t hold back. Write what you’ve accomplished.

Now you should be able to sew the seeds of your annual goals. Try this for five years out as well.

Enjoy The Quiet!


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