Are You Wise Behind Your Ears? The birth of a blog:

Are you a “wisdom watcher?”

We see and experience wisdom and common sense everyday. However, as a society, we tend to be exposed broadly the uglier side of life. This video unveils one of those “Aha!” moments — we CAN spotlight the good, the wise, the best of ourselves. We can highlight those many moments when we witness something worth remembering. Whether it’s from an innocent child or a world-weary adult, wisdom peeks through. Become a wisdom watcher. Share your moments at wisebehindyourears.wordpress.com.

Together, we can knit those millions of tiny positive moments into a new energy to improve the world we live in.


About Jeanne Alford

For more than 20 years, Jeanne Alford has worked with technology CEOs and executives to tell their story. From complex technology issues to the consumer experience, she works with executives so they are comfortable delivering their key message. She has conducted media training, message development and PR workshops for hundreds of executives. This wonderful blogging site allows her to tell those stories that capture the “wisdom we should all be celebrating.”

In her career, Alford has served as worldwide PR director of Dolby Laboratories where she built and managed its global PR operation. Prior to Dolby, Alford served as vice president of media services at Ruder Finn, one of the largest independent public relations agencies in the world. Before Ruder Finn, she was director of public relations for Philips Electronics and she managed a division-level corporate PR program for Philips’ Semiconductor Division. In addition, she served as director of public affairs for Visa USA and director of communications for the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA). Her marketing communications efforts on behalf of Visa’s health care marketing program were honored with an International Association of Business Communicators’ Gold Quill award.


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