Open Letter To the Supercommittee: Listen Up! Are you Partisan or Patriot? Decide today.

Today, I did my usual Sunday routine. I visited my favorite breakfast spot and sat down with my child and with the paper. Normally, I expect to enjoy reading up on the quirky politics of San Francisco, read my guilty pleasure – Parade Magazine – and catch up with my son over eggs and pancakes. […]

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You Can’t Drive A House? Take A Look…

As I’ve said, wisdom comes in many forms. We got an great look into the all male world of advice in a recent episode of Blue Bloods, the Tom Selleck series…in full disclosure, I watched every Magnum P.I. episode and most of his other works so I may be biased–plus one of my beloved cousins, […]

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Define Your Flight Plan

It’s Memorial Day today, and yes, a day to remember. As you know, I’m the child of a World War II veteran. It made my heart lighten when I passed the Golden Gate National Cemetery. The boys and girl scouts did another great job with the American flags. As expected, my girls at “The View,” […]

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Big World, Small Town—It’s all in your perspective

Christina Ricci, after 50 films, does not believe she’s famous. Or something like that. What a refreshing thought. She plays mind games, she said. “The whole world’s a small town and everyone’s on my side.” It’s not really a mind game, it’s a refreshing perspective from one of Hollywood’s more prolific actresses. Again I was […]

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Everyone Can Be Sexy For No Reason!

Welcome This is a blog about our innate wisdom. That little voice that tells us how to be. I believe we all have innate wisdom. We simply need to listen. Wisdom can be served up in the least expected ways. For example, while viewing a recent episode of “Chelsea Lately,” Chelsea was interviewing the rapper […]

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