Today on Quora: Can you choose my life?

A treatise on how to make a wise decision Oh to be young and millennial. I kid. It would be great if I could go back to my twenties, but only if I could keep all the wisdom I have earned. I was reminded of this when I visited my new fave site, Quora. Today […]

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The Quiet

The question on Quora was intriguing—“What should I do if I don’t have clarity of thoughts?” How often do we find ourselves overwhelmed or unable to “think clearly?” I’m a meditator. As such, I believe in the power of breathing. But, what came to me from this question, was the power of the quiet. I […]

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Can We Agree to Disagree?

The Power of Perception I love Quora. In fact, I am grateful that there is a site where anyone can ask about anything and the people of the “Net” are gracious enough to answer. I’ve shared things. I’ve learned things. Today, someone asked a question that hit a nerve. The question was “Why do people […]

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Open Letter To the Supercommittee: Listen Up! Are you Partisan or Patriot? Decide today.

Today, I did my usual Sunday routine. I visited my favorite breakfast spot and sat down with my child and with the paper. Normally, I expect to enjoy reading up on the quirky politics of San Francisco, read my guilty pleasure – Parade Magazine – and catch up with my son over eggs and pancakes. […]

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You Can’t Drive A House? Take A Look…

As I’ve said, wisdom comes in many forms. We got an great look into the all male world of advice in a recent episode of Blue Bloods, the Tom Selleck series…in full disclosure, I watched every Magnum P.I. episode and most of his other works so I may be biased–plus one of my beloved cousins, […]

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I Post…Therefore I Am (Going Crazy)

Guest Blogger: Jodi Guilbault I tweet, I retweet, I post, I tag, I like, I dislike, I poke, I comment, I message, I chat, I blog, I hashtag, I friend, I unfriend, I connect, I link in, I create lists, I join groups.  All before my first sip of water in the morning.  I literally […]

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Overheard by Accident; Philosophy by Design

Count this as a rant. I was sitting at breakfast one Saturday morning recently. In the booth behind me were a young woman and an older gent. I just assumed they were father and daughter, but I’m traditional that way. Or so I thought. As I was reading the paper and waiting for my usual […]

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