Today on Quora: Can you choose my life?

A treatise on how to make a wise decision Oh to be young and millennial. I kid. It would be great if I could go back to my twenties, but only if I could keep all the wisdom I have earned. I was reminded of this when I visited my new fave site, Quora. Today […]

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You Can’t Drive A House? Take A Look…

As I’ve said, wisdom comes in many forms. We got an great look into the all male world of advice in a recent episode of Blue Bloods, the Tom Selleck series…in full disclosure, I watched every Magnum P.I. episode and most of his other works so I may be biased–plus one of my beloved cousins, […]

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The Power of Magic Time

One of the great things about all the social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+) is the ability to connect with people. Not only those that we can see face to face – those are great times – but also those that live on the other side of the world or who travel in other social […]

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Everyone Can Be Sexy For No Reason!

Welcome This is a blog about our innate wisdom. That little voice that tells us how to be. I believe we all have innate wisdom. We simply need to listen. Wisdom can be served up in the least expected ways. For example, while viewing a recent episode of “Chelsea Lately,” Chelsea was interviewing the rapper […]

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