Holiday Spirit 3.0

Confessions of a Closet Introvert… Guest Blogger: Jodi Guilbault “This seasonal feeling that rips through us all like a current is undeniable, powerful and seems to make an appearance in the just the nick (pun intended) of time every year.” Maybe it’s in the eggnog…or hot buttered rum or more likely…our low fat peppermint soy […]

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I Post…Therefore I Am (Going Crazy)

Guest Blogger: Jodi Guilbault I tweet, I retweet, I post, I tag, I like, I dislike, I poke, I comment, I message, I chat, I blog, I hashtag, I friend, I unfriend, I connect, I link in, I create lists, I join groups.  All before my first sip of water in the morning.  I literally […]

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